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The artists on this page are significant volunteers in support of the the Westlake Village Art Guild and its activities.
  "Rodeo by Fred Stone  
  Judith Crowe        
  Pam D'Ambrosio        
        "Pumpkin Patch" by Pamela D'Ambrosio    
  Pamela Fong        
  Wendy Gordin        
  Dennis Griffin        
  Carmen Lamp     ABOVE: "Pumpkin Patch" by Pamela D'Ambrosio©    
  Peggy Ludington     "Lemon Picker" by Wendy Gordin   ABOVE: "Rodeo" by Fred Stone©
        "Colors of Bamboo" by Pamela Fong   "Ship in Storm" by Ron Souza  
  Ron McKee          
  Janet Milhomme          
  Irv Morgan          
  Craig Morton          
  Anette Power          
        ABOVE: "Lemon Picker" by Wendy Gordin©      
  Pamela Schneider       ABOVE: "Colors of Bamboo" by Pamela Fong©   ABOVE: "God's Light" by Ron Souza©  
        "Taller Experimental Graphica" by Anette Power      
  Rod Seeley       "Amber Wilderness" by Rod Seeley   "Lola" by Dennis Griffin  
  Ron Souza          
  Fred Stone          
          ABOVE: "Amber Wilderness" by Rod Seeley©   ABOVE: "Lola" by Dennis Griffin©  
        ABOVE: "Taller Experimental Graffica" by Anette Power©      
  ©MNM Art Studio 2017