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  Susan Ciufo     FRED STONE

  "Zanyatta & Foal" by Fred Stone
  Judith Crowe        
        Fred Stone (photo by Craig Morton)    
  Pam D'Ambrosio        
  Pamela Fong        
  Wendy Gordin        
  Dennis Griffin        
  Carmen Lamp        
  Peggy Ludington     ABOVE: Fred Stone    
The Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune have called Fred Stone the most famous painter of horses in the world.

His work is in the homes of some of the world's most notable people including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in the office of the president in the White House.

He has been featured on ESPN and ABC, NBC and CBS television.
Through his artwork, he has raised great sums of money for various causes.

More people own a Fred Stone print than that of any other horse artist in history, making him the most sought after equine artist in the world.
  Ron McKee        
  Janet Milhomme        
        ABOVE: "Zanyatta & Foal" by Fred StoneĀ©  
  Irv Morgan       "Rodeo" by Fred Stone  
  Craig Morton        
  Anette Power        
  Pamela Schneider        
  Rod Seeley        
  Ron Souza        
  Fred Stone          
            ABOVE: "Rodeo" by Fred StoneĀ©  
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