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  Biography (continued)
Ron's success in the Historical Figure world led to his decision to venture into publishing the only U.S. magazine totally dedicated to the art of Historical Figures.

When Ron sold his business and retired in 2007, he thought it might be time to try his hand at painting on canvas.

He spends a lot of time just watching the waves break and trying to make mental notes of the way they crest, fall and run out. At first, he painted from photos and reference material, but recently, it has been from his memories.
  "Pink Hibiscus" by Ron Souza  
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            ABOVE: "Pink Hibiscus" by Ron Souza©  
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          "Tropical Glow" by Ron Souza  
  Peggy Ludington     ABOVE: Ron Souza    
Ron was born on the island of Kauai. Although his family moved to the mainland (Southern California) when he was a boy, they maintained very strong ties with the islands. They spent parts of each summer on Kauai, visiting family and doing what island kids do.

He was always enthralled by the way each wave was different than the last and he was always amazed to see that the reality of the ocean could be captured, so realistically, by local artists. This idea remained in his head for many years.

His first attempt at painting came in 1989 when he was introduced to the art of Historical Miniatures. His work soon became very much in demand by collectors and he progressed up the ladder to Master Status at several show venues across the United States.

His work was published in Brassey's (British Publisher) Master Class Book Series titled Master Modellers, by Robin Smith.
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  Pamela Schneider       ABOVE: "Tropical Glow" by Ron Souza©  
          "Pacific Blaze" by Ron Souza   "Napali Break" by Ron Souza  
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          ABOVE: "Pacific Blaze" by Ron Souza©   ABOVE: "NapaliBreak" by Ron Souza©  
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