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  "Paper Kite Butterfly" by Pamela Schneider  
  Judith Crowe        
        Pamela Schneider    
  Pam D'Ambrosio        
  Pamela Fong        
  Wendy Gordin        
  Dennis Griffin        
          "Paper Kite Butterfly" by Pamela Schneider©  
  Carmen Lamp     ABOVE: Pamela Schneider   "Awakening Within" by Pamela Schneider
  "Danger in Beauty" by Pamela Schneider  
Pamela is an award winner photographer. At the age of 10 she bought a camera and began taking photos. This began her journey into the world of photography.

She was born in Florida and moved to California in the early 1970’s and currently lives in Newbury Park, California with her husband and three daughters.

Pamela enjoys taking walks, going to the beach, traveling to new places, and spending time with her family.

Artist Statement
"While exploring the world around me I am often amazed at the beauty I find.  Whether I am traveling to new places, exploring my community, or taking a talk around my block I have captured the beauty I see in the world as I travel near and far in my photography."
  Peggy Ludington          
  Ron McKee          
          "Awakening Within" by Pamela Schneider©    
  Janet Milhomme          
        "Little Man" by Pamela Schneider    
  Irv Morgan          
  Craig Morton          
            "Danger In Beauty" by Pamela Schneider©  
  Anette Power       "Little Man" by Pamela Schneider©    
          "Underwater Garden" by Pamela Schneider  
  Pamela Schneider        
  Rod Seeley        
  Ron Souza        
        "Turquoise Day" by Pamela Schneider    
  Fred Stone        
          "Underwater Garden" by Pamela Schneider©  
        "Turquoise Day" by Pamela Schneider©          
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