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  "Taller Experimental Graphica" by Anette Power
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        Anette Power    
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        ABOVE: Anette Power    
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Award-winning artist Anette Power credits her mom, who also paints; and growing up on an island off the Swedish coast for providing a childhood full of creative exploration and a love for the outdoors.

After more than a decade of fine-tuning her sense of light, color and setting a mood, working as a background painter for studios like Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Universal, Anette now dedicates her time to painting in Oils.

Artist Statement
“I find myself drawn to subject matters with light and color that celebrate life's fleeting moments”, says Anette.

"I enjoy painting on location immersing myself in the moment and capturing a sense of our personal place in history."

Cuba 2016
In February, Anette joined Eric Rhoads, one of 100 artists on a historical trip to Cuba to paint and capture this amazing country before things change.
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          ABOVE: "Taller Experimental Graphica" by Anette Power (Cuba)  
  Janet Milhomme       "Built to Last" by Anette Power   "A Day in Cojimar" by Anette Power  
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  Anette Power         ABOVE: "A Day in Cojimar" by Anette Power (Cuba)  
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          ABOVE: "Built to Last" by Anette Power (Cuba)    
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  Fred Stone           ABOVE: Anette Power painting on location in Cuba  
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