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Westlake Village, CA

Irv Morgan first attended art classes when he was 12 years old and has been painting ever since. A graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts in the Bay Area, this Wisconsin Native was deeply impressed by the California watercolor painters of the 40's and 50's.

Irv views himself as an impressionist painter of the local scene using watercolors as his primary medium. A long time member of the Westlake Village Art Guild, he has won numerous awards, including the Edgar Ewing award from the National Watercolor Society.

He and his wife, Pat, have traveled the world several times over and his paintings reflect the many sights and countries visited, but his favorite subject remains the Conejo Valley and the surrounding area.

  "Argo Gold Mine" by Irv Morgan  
  Judith Crowe          
  Pam D'Ambrosio          
  Pamela Fong          
        ABOVE: Irv Morgan      
  Wendy Gordin     ORIGINAL ARTWORK      
  Dennis Griffin     LANDSCAPES      
        TRAVEL     ABOVE: "Argo Gold Mine" by Irv Morgan©  
  Carmen Lamp     FIGURATIVE      
Irv Morgan's original watercolor paintings are sold based upon size. His pre-tax selling prices as of 1/1/2017 are as noted below.

22" x 30" - Full Sheet - $500

22" x 15" - 1/2 Sheet - $250

15" x 11" - 1/4 Sheet - $125
    "Back & Blue" by Irv Morgan  
  Peggy Ludington          
  Ron McKee          
  Janet Milhomme         ABOVE: "Back & Blue" by Irv Morgan©  
  Irv Morgan            
        "Sport Fishing" by Irv Morgan   "Camulos Ranch" by Irv Morgan  
  Craig Morton        
  Anette Power        
  Pamela Schneider     ABOVE: "Sportfishing" by Irv Morgan    
  Rod Seeley     "Fugi Colors" by Irv Morgan    
  Ron Souza        
  Fred Stone        
        ABOVE: "Fugi Colors" by Irv Morgan©   ABOVE: "Camulos Ranch" by Irv Morgan©  
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