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An artistic child, Peggy Ludington graduated to oil paints by age ten, only to abandon her brushes in college for UCLA Law School. In recent years, however, the calling to paint grew impossible to ignore. Through self-study, determination and workshops with nationally acclaimed artists, she has become an award-winning painter. Her works now hang in collections across the country, as her unique portrayal of animals continues to garner recognition.

Through her paintings, Peggy shares her interpretation of the natural world. These vivid works reveal an intimate and intuitive study of her subjects, and capture the distinctive attitude and character of each.

Artist Statement
“Vibrant colors and a strong sense of light and shadow define my work. In painting animals, I strive to capture what I see behind the eyes, to convey a sense of the creature’s spirit. I paint from my heart. Thus, watching someone moved by what I’ve translated into paint is my greatest reward.”
  Peggy Ludington   "Everything the Light Touches" by Peggy Ludington  
  Judith Crowe          
  Pam D'Ambrosio          
  Pamela Fong          
  Wendy Gordin          
  Dennis Griffin       ABOVE: Peggy Ludington   ABOVE "Everything the Light Touches" by Peggy Ludington©  
  Carmen Lamp       "Zen Master" by Peggy Ludington  
  Peggy Ludington        
  Ron McKee        
  Janet Milhomme        
  Irv Morgan       ABOVE: "Zen Master" by Peggy Ludington©  
          "Heat of the Day" by Peggy Ludington   "Company's Coming" by Peggy Ludington  
  Craig Morton          
  Anette Power          
  Pamela Schneider     "Green Eggs & HAM" by Peggy Ludington      
  Rod Seeley          
  Ron Souza          
          ABOVE "The Heat of the Day" by Peggy Ludington©   ABOVE "Company's Coming" by Peggy Ludington©  
  Fred Stone     ABOVE "Green Eggs & HAM!" by Peggy Ludington©      
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