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  Susan Ciufo     CARMEN LAMP

  "Malibu Magnificance" by Carmen Lamp  
  Judith Crowe        
        Carmen Lamp    
  Pam D'Ambrosio        
  Pamela Fong        
        ABOVE: Carmen Lamp    
  Wendy Gordin     Artist Statment
"I discovered my passion with oil painting the same year that my mother passed away. She too was passionate about the art of oils and although I had always admired her work, I was never able to paint alongside, and learn from her. When my mother passed, her paints, brushes and canvases were given to me and somehow I felt that her passion was too. In a way, painting is one way that I can honor her memory."

"I enjoy watching a blank canvas or panel evolve and unfold through the process of experimenting with color, light, mood and contrast with the medium of rich, buttery oils. Most recently, I've discovered the dreaminess of pastels. Every piece of art is a learning and discovery process."
  Dennis Griffin        
  Carmen Lamp        
  Peggy Ludington       ABOVE: "Malibu Magnificence" by Carmen Lamp©*
        "Splendor in Yosemite" by Carmen Lamp  
  Ron McKee        
  Janet Milhomme        
  Irv Morgan        
  Craig Morton        
  Anette Power        
        "Cecillia's Rabbit" by Carmen Lamp    
  Pamela Schneider        
  Rod Seeley       ABOVE: "Splendor In Yellowstone" by Carmen Lamp©**
          "Peony Passion" by Carmen Lamp   *Inspired by digital painting "Malibu Lagoon at Sunset" by Julie & Craig Morton©

**Inspired by digital painting "Yellowstone Serenity" by Julie & Craig Morton©
  Ron Souza          
  Fred Stone          
          ABOVE: "Peony Passion" by Carmen Lamp©      
        ABOVE: "Cecillia's Rabbit" by Carmen Lamp©        
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