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Artist Statement
The interplay of color, design, and the magical effects of light and reflections have always fascinated me. I discovered photography 40 years ago and have been shooting ever since, simply because I enjoy the process, and the results are good often enough to keep me hooked. (continued)

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  "Blue Eyes" by Dennis Griffin  
  Judith Crowe        
  Pam D'Ambrosio        
  Pamela Fong        
  Wendy Gordin        
  Dennis Griffin        
          ABOVE: "Blue Eyes" by Dennis Griffin©  
  Carmen Lamp     Dennis Griffin   "Palazzo Publico View" by Dennis Griffin  
  Peggy Ludington        
  Ron McKee        
  Janet Milhomme        
  Irv Morgan        
        ABOVE: Dennis Griffin    
  Craig Morton     "Stairwell, Venice 2010" by Dennis Griffin    
          ABOVE: "Palazzo Publico View" by Dennis Griffin©  
  Anette Power       "Afternoon on the Arno 1" by Dennis Griffin  
  Pamela Schneider        
  Rod Seeley        
  Ron Souza        
  Fred Stone        
        ABOVE: "Stairwell, Venice 2010" by Dennis Griffin©    
          ABOVE: "Afternoon on the Arno 1" by Dennis Griffin©  
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