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  Susan Ciufo     Wendy Gordin   "Yellow Jacket" by Wendy Gordin   Figurative Painting by Wendy Gordin  
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  Wendy Gordin     ABOVE: Wendy Gordin      


Wendy Gordin is known primarily for her figurative oil paintings. She loves to capture a moment in time. Having traveled extensively, Wendy has photographed people from all over the world in their native costumes and daily lives, and then recreates the scenes on canvas.

Wendy received her formal training at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks where she studied portraiture and figure painting and has had the opportunity to study with many talented artists over the years.

She has won several awards through the WVAG, including Best of Show and First place in oil.

Wendy currently serves at the Westlake Village Art Guild's Workshop Coordinator.
  Dennis Griffin       "Catching Raindrops" by W. Gordin   "Golden Locks" by Wendy Gordin©  
          "Desert Hike" by Wendy Gordin  
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          "Desert Hiker" by Wendy Gordin©  
  Pamela Schneider       "Playing" by Wendy Gording   "Walk on the Beach" by Wendy Gordin  
  Rod Seeley          
  Ron Souza     "Chestnut" by Wendy Gordin      
  Fred Stone          
          "Digging" by Wendy Gordin©    
        "Chestnut" by Wendy Gordin©       "Beach Joy" by Wendy Gordin©  
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