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  Susan Ciufo     PAMELA D'AMBROSIO


Originally from England, Pam majored in art at Lincoln College, receiving an award of distinction for her work.   After graduating, she taught school before immigrating to the United States.

Pam continued to travel extensively throughout Europe, living in Italy and Iran where she taught oil painting at the Tehran American Women’s Club.

After settling in California, she continued to pursue her painting, studying with a Russian Impressionist who greatly influenced her style of painting. She also studied at Cal. State Northridge and the California Art Institute. She has taken workshops with such renowned artists as Karl Dempwolf,  Ray Roberts, David Gallup and Matt Smith.

Pam has received many awards for her paintings and is a member of The Westlake Village Art Guild, The California Art Club and The Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Artist Statement
"As a “plein air” artist, my inspiration comes from painting nature since I love to study the changing moods of the atmosphere, translating this onto my canvas and hoping to give the viewer a sense of actually being there."
  Pamela D'Ambrosio  
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  Pam D'Ambrosio        
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  Peggy Ludington       ABOVE: Pam D'Ambrosio with artwork
        "Pumpkin Patch" by Pam D'Ambrosio  
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          ABOVE: "Pumpkin Patch" by Pam D'Ambrosio©
  Ron Souza     "Malibu Sunrise" by Pam D'Ambrosio   "Emerald Ocean" by Pam D'Ambrosio   "Springtime" by Pam D'Ambrosio  
  Fred Stone          
        "Malibu Sunrise" by Pam D'Ambrosio©   "Emerald Ocean" by Pam D'Ambrosio©   "Springtime" by Pam D'Ambrosio©  
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